With Danny Gallagher

Released 2015


Trawl is a first person experiential game of discovery and creativity.

First you must figure out how to operate the various parts of the boat, manipulating the wheel, throttle and the net. Then, trawl the sea to discover what secrets are hidden in its depths and record your findings on your typewriter. The sea has many stories to tell, and will reward multiple voyages. 

Trawl is not a 'gameplay' heavy game in the traditional sense. Trawl takes places entirely on a small trawling vessel, and you are encouraged to engage with the low-key, though detailed ritual of operating the mechanics of the ship, while soaking in the atmosphere. If you so choose, Trawl can be seen as a sort of writing prompt, with you playing the role of sea-bound detective. How you choose to interpret and record the results are up to you.

The game features a highly-simulated typewriter on which the player can log their thoughts.

Trawl has a unique physical component. Our convention build features a hotkey which will print the player's journal to a thermal printer. We then encourage folk to take their message away with them in a tiny glass bottle, complete with cork!

Trawl was shown at the British Library for the Wordplay Festival in 2016, and at Secret Weapon for Demoscreen in 2016.